Pete Sawyer Bike Check

Interested in what Pete's set up is like? Have a nosey then...

Frame: C.R.E.A.M 21" Red Forks: WTP Helium Bars: WTP Mad Max (Uncut) Cranks: WTP Royals Pedals: Eclat Plastic Thins BB: Eclat 19mm Sprocket: Eclat Tilt Stem: Eclat Sean Burns Headset: WTP Seat and Post: WTP Fat seat and pivotal post. Pegs: WTP Toxic minis Tires: WTP Feeling Rims: Eclat Bondi Aero Rim F+R Front Hub: Eclat Pulse Front with double hub guard. Rear Hub: KHE Freecoaster Prototype with guard. Grips: Salt

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