#20YearTest with Jordan Godwin

We surprised UK AM Jordan Godwin with some questions on the history of WETHEPEOPLE. See how he did...

What year did WETHEPEOPLE Start? 

Well this is an easy one, since this year is our 20 year anniversary, we started in 1996, duh...

What was Max Gaertig/Mike Brennan signature frame called?

This was of course our legendary WARRIORS frame. One of the first frames to utilise invest casted dropouts, and featured super technical geometry which was way ahead of it's time. Will we see a special Warriors frame 20th Anniversary edition? You'll have to wait and see....

How long has Max Gaertig ridden for WETHEPEOPLE?

Max has been on the team since 2002, so 14 years, and to be honest really isn't slowing down in any way shape or form. Max sent some HUGE moves whilst out in BCN , and his section in our upcoming video Foundation is set to be his best video part to date.

What was the name of the first ever WETHEPEOPLE frame which was released in 1999?

Our first frame, designed in 1998 (18 years ago!) was the KH-01, which was the signature frame for one of our first ever team riders Karl-Heinz Arnoldy. This frame was overbuilt as much as possible with huge dropouts and larger diameter tubing since most frames at the time just couldn't handle the rapidly progressing riding. Look out for a full feature on the KH-01 and how our frames have progressed since then real soon.

What was the title of the last WETHEPEOPLE DVD?

Our last DVD "Any Time Now" was released in 2010, and featured Andrew Jackson, Max Gaertig, Bruno Hoffmann, Mike Brennan, Sam Low, Maxime Charveron, Will Jackson, Bjorn Elvering, Jason Phelan and Chester Blacksmith.

How well did you do? We'll be quizzing the team more on our history over the next few weeks so be on the lookout for that...

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