Where did you come from?
The suburbs of Maryland.

What is your worst fear?

Which living person do you most admire, BMX and non BMX and why?
BMX-wise, Mat Hoffman. The sacrifices he's made for the sake of pushing BMX are unreal. Non-BMX-wise, I'd have to say my parents. They've always been so loving and supportive.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought?
My video camera.

What is your most treasured possession?
My computer. It's the most useful tool I own.

What makes you want to punch a wall?
When something that should be easy turns out being really hard for whatever reason.

Are you a bike thrower?
I'm guilty on rare occasions. I try really hard not to be though.

Which film changed your life?
Nothing specific comes to mind.

What’s in your pockets right now?
Nothing and it feels great.

Where are you going?
Away from this computer.