It’s true to say that some riders have really‘ paid their dues’ over time. I guess in BMX terms it means they technically don’t need to ride another day; they don’t have to prove anything anymore. I’m not saying he’s the Gary Lineker of BMX or anything, far from it in fact but if he wanted to hang up his boots he could, and do it with his head held high.

Will kindly reminded us that he had been riding for wethepeople since 2001 and that in July 2011 he would have been riding for a decade on wethepeople. Will is the perfect rider to have on any team and we are more than fortunate to have grown together not only as a brand, but also as friends.

A few months ago I started filming more with Will, then we did an interview covering a handful of topics and the whole thing was brought together by Northern John and an old DV tape containing some vintage 2001 footage of Will riding.

Oh and Will’s boots wont be hanging themselves up for a while I think.