The starting place for any new product normally starts with input from the team. When Jordan Godwin and Dan Kruk approached us with some very specific new geometry to help make their bikes even more responsive, we realised that we had the opportunity to create something really special for the modern day street rider. Soon after that, the ideas started to flow in from the rest of the team. Combining some of our newest frame building technology along side some of our older features, the Battleship Frame was born.  


From the get-go, the Battleship was meant to be the most robust, and durable frame in the lineup. You'll see a lot of unique features on the frame, that were designed specifically to help keep this frame going long after most would fail. Boasting an incredibly short 12.7" chainstay, thicker cnc machined dropouts (designed to work flawlessly with hub-guards and pegs), and a fully brakeless design; the battleship is a super tough, no-nonsense street weapon with our most responsive geometry yet. 



We took the battle-proven hydroformed tubing from our legendary "Scorpio frame", to create a larger contact/weld area to the headtube. Paired up with a taller 127mm headtube, this not only creates an incredibly strong and stiff front end, but also reduces the need for vast amounts of headset spacers for a much cleaner look.



The Battleship frame was our chance to really see just how responsive we could make a BMX frame. We shortened up the chainstays to 12.7" (slammed), which gives you a much shorter wheelbase, and in return helping with spins and making the bike easier to throw around. Despite this super short back end, the frame still accommodates a 2.45"+ tire and a 28t sprocket.


The dropouts on the Battleship are 6mm thick and CNC machined out of 4130 chromoly, and then heat treated for extra strength. To combat a lot of issues that street frames traditionally suffered from, we use a special dropout shape on the Battleship that is designed to give ample room for hubguards and line up perfectly with pegs, even when at the slammed length of 12.7". If that's too short, you can also run your wheel one half-link longer at 13", and  not have to worry about your pegs or guard not having adequate contact with the dropouts.


When deciding on tubing, we wanted to increase the thickness of the tubing in all the areas where there is the most stress, even if we had never had issues before, we wanted this thing bombproof. The Battleship toptube is much thicker at the seatube junction, and the downtube is much thicker at the headtube, both critical stress areas. This greatly improves the strength of the frame, and ensures that there are no possible "weak spots" for the frame to fail.


What really sets the BATTLESHIP apart form the rest of the WETHEPEOPLE frame line is the progressive street-focused geometry. Using the shortest chainstay length possible, we were able to make the Battleship incredible responsive and nimble. The chainstay length was based around 25-9 gearing (what most of the street riders on the team are running), and the new dropout design allows you to run the rear wheel at both 12.7" and 13" comfortably with perfect peg/hubguard alignment depending on your personal preference.

A: Top Tube:  20.5"/20.75"/21"

B: Chain Stay: 12.7" - 13.2"

C: Head Tube Angle: 75.5°

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.7”

F: Stand Over Height: 9”

 Long gone are the days of riding a bike that looks like a scooter, the Battleship boasts a taller 9" standover height which gives the frame a classic "double diamond" look and gives the bike a more stbale ride. You'll also find a steeper 75.5" headtube angle, which helps reduce the wheelbase further, and allows you to reach the balance point of nose manual tricks faster than the traditional 74.5/75 that most frames use. The Battleship features a taller 11.7" bottom bracket height, which not only helps the frame to feel more responsive, but also raises the height of your sprocket, reducing the chances of it catching on technical grind combos like crooked grinds.


Despite the Battleship being a team issue frame, Dan and Jordan were heavily involved with the design process from the very beginning. Being two of the most progressive street riders in the game, and after one hell of a year putting in work for our new video "FOUNDATION" we decided to reward are two newest Wethepeople PRO riders with their own signature colourway of the frame, along with their own unique graphics to match.


Jordan's riding blends technical wizardry with all out burliness, and demands a responsive frame that can hold up to hard 540s and 20 stair dipped 360s. Jordan rides the Battleship in 20.75" in his signature "Trans Matt Brown" colourway. The we spent a lot of time working with Jordan on the decals, combining elements of his favourite artists and musicians. Jordan's frame comes with a second sticker sheet with multiple other designs, allowing you to really customise the frame and make it your own.

It’s just a perfect example of solid, modern street frame in my eyes.
— Jordan Godwin

"The Battleship frame is by far the best frame I've ever ridden.  The 12.7" short backend really helps a lot with the technical side of things, but the frame is also built to last and it can take big drops with no problems at all. It also looks amazing in all four colourways and the hydro formed gussets give it smooth/flush look as well as giving it extra strength. It's just a perfect example of solid modern street frame in my eyes.

When it came to having my own colour way and stickers I didn't want anything too crazy. I've always liked the look of a Brown frame but never had one, so we looked through a lot of different shades of brown and quite a few different finishes. I think as soon as Dave showed me the Trans Matte finish on the Dark Brown I was sold I knew that was the one.

The graphics were actually pretty easy to come up with. They are all  pretty much just a load of things that I'm in to from music, artists to food. The frame comes with a separate sticker sheet so you can switch it up if you get bored. The style of the stickers is influenced by an artist called Steve Powers who I've been in to for while now. All in all I'm super stoked with how it came out, and I want to give a huge thanks to all the guys at Wethepeople for making it happen!" - Jordan Godwin


Dan Kruk was very specific when he approached us about offering a frame with a shorter chainstay. Being an incredibly technical rider, but also an all out savage on a bike, we couldn't have found a better rider to help us develop and perfect the Battleship.

Dan chooses to ride the slightly longer 21" Battleship frame in a wild new paint finish he called"Koneftti Black" which is a high gloss black, with actual pieces of holographic confetti mixed into the paint which changes colour in the sun. Dan worked with his good friend Eben Fischer on some 90's inspired graphics which match his signature "Party Paint" finish with his parts sponsor Madera.

The Battleship frame is the most dialled frame I’ve ever ridden.
— Dan Kruk

"The Battleship frame is the most dialled frame I've ever ridden. From the 12.7" chainstay to the 75.5 headtube, this thing was designed to take all the crankflips and pull-up bars you can throw at it. It is so responsive that with one gust of wind you can hard 720 a flat rail and land in manual to 180 every try. This frame will let you jump down El Toro every day till you were 87 years old and it still wouldn't break. 

When WETHEPEOPLE approached me about doing a colorway I couldn't be anymore stoked. I really wanted to do a colour no one had really seen before or just something super different. The Konfetti came out better than expected and matched up perfect with my 90's themed graphics from Eben Fischer. I was born in the 90's and really am into all of the graphic design they were doing back then so it just made sense to put all that on to a frame I was really stoked on as well." - Dan Kruk


The Battleship frame is available now worldwide in both Trans Purple & Matt Black, and the special edition Dan Kruk and Jordan Godwin signature colourways. Go hit up your local Wethepeople dealer today to get your hands on our most progressive street frame yet.

We are so confident in the strength and durability of our frames, that the Battleship frame is backed by Wethepeople's LIFETIME GUARANTEE.