Jason Interview

It's been a little while since I talked to Jason Phelan. Every time I hear or see something about the Fighting Irishmen, he's in a different country with a new edit out, killing it in pure Jason-fashion.  I got a chance to catch up with Jason and ask him a few questions while on his nomadic adventure in the Holy Land. Enjoy

Q:Where the Hell are you right now?
A:right now im in tel aviv in Israel having a good ol time

Q:How is Israel? Itamar “Jesus” being good to you?

A:Yeah Israel is so good; nothing like I expected. It's a real nice place and the people are, too. Itamar is definitely a character. He comes out with the best sayings ever. I went out with everyone last night and it was real fun. Tal, the shop owner, slept on a roof in the middle of a busy road and we all went around heckling girls good night.

Q:Have you had any school lunch on this Israel trip.  (If you don’t know what that is, ask Itamar)

A:Not yet but im getting an army suit and a maching gun next week to do some filming with so cant wait for that.

Q:I think your in a different country every week. Name the places you have been in the last 4 months.

A:Yeah, I travel a lot these days, I couldnt think of anything better to do the last few months. Ive been too Gran canaria, france and now israel and after this I'm off to Mexico. Who would of thought you could do all of this by riding a childs bike.

Q:What do you know about Mexico city? Do you know any Spanish?

A:Not a whole lot, I think it might be sketchy, thats about it. I can't speak a word of Spanish. but i know its going to be fun meeting you and sam out there I cant wait to ride with all the guys again

Q:You excited to go to Mexico city?

A: Na! can't be asked, i dont like having fun, Who likes traveling anyway .

Q:What’s Pete Sawyer do when your not at home?

A:He gets up really early just to have a fresh start to the day, about 4 in the afternoon, then he Plays chess with 97 year-old women and then brings her for long strolls on the sea front singing songs.

Q:Any party stories, form the city of Liverpool that come to mind

A:  I had a new years party.  At one stage, there was a hells angel in my house! But theres so many good nights that have happened. When ever Ben Murphy comes up it always gets crazy and it involves playing the lying down game everywhere in Liverpool.

Q:How is PUB BMX doing?  I like the lay out of the site.

A:Yeah its going good. It's just something i wanted to do for a laugh, Ill just see how far it goes. I have some plans for it, but im always away so cant really focus on doing what i want with it. But hopfully soon. Ive got some new designs that im gonna try get made soon.

Q:What happen to Friday night fights? I thought that would be a main feature on the site.

A:Yeah it was going really good! But to be honest we started it as one big laugh but after a while some of the fights that were supposed to be a laugh with your friends got a bit serious, and that's not what its about, so i stopped doing them. But i hope to bring them back at some stage, i do have some fights that i still need to put up.

Q:How's the new Signature frame?

A: Its really nice! I love it, It's the strongest frame Ive had in years and it rides really well, on park and street, so im psyched on it!!

Q:I’ll see you in Mexico mid March. Any plans before then?

A:you will do, unless i get converted to a jew and decide to stay here and pray.


Here's Jason's winter indoor park edit. Jason can smash tricks out!!!