Sam Lowe Interview!

Sam is one of the best all around dudes I know. He is super easy to travel with, and even easier to work/ride with. As we get closer to the big Mexico city adventure, I got a chance to check in with him and see if he is prepared for Mexico city, and how life is going for the young Canadian.

Q: How are you Sam? Vancouver treating you good?

A: Good man, Vancouver is deffinitly cold and rainy.

Q: You Ready for this Mexico city trip? Do you Know any Spanish?

A: Hell yeah im ready, i cant wait to ride some new spots and hang out with everyone in such a wild city. I dont know any Spanish at all, should be interesting.

Q: Did you know that Mexico city is over 7000 feet high, and the Pollution is worse than Southern California.

A: Sounds pretty awesome, cant wait to breath in all the healthy air!

Q: What are your thoughts about Mexico city being a sketchy place? Kidnapping? Crazy drug Cartels?

A: I'm stoked, hopefully we seem some cool shit go down

Q: We just got back for California. How was that trip for you?

A: It was amazing, getting out of the cold was so good, i know you and I both were stoked just to pedal down the street in a t shirt. We didnt do much driving wich was a nice change from the usual hour long freeway sessions to get to spots.

Q: You got a new Grip in the works. How's it looking?

A:yeah im pretty psyched, were still working out the details so i havent actually seen a drawing of it yet, but from the sounds of things its gonna be real good. Keep your eyes peeled.

Q: Itamar Bavli wants to know; How many goldstar beers do you have to drink, before you start throwing shekels at girls or lighting garbage cans on fire?

A: Haha probably quite a few considering i dont remember doing either! Itamar is the fucking man!

Q: How have you been surviving the winter in Vancouver?

A: It actually hasnt been too bad, better than previous years. The trip to cali and this mexico trip deffinitly helps break up the winter and make it go by faster, looking forward to Vancouver's summer

Q: How was that Cuban cigar i gave when we were parting ways at LAX?

A: Man, it actually broke apart in my bag before i could even get home. i smoked the bigger half when i got off the plane and it was sick. Thanks chet!

Don't worry man we'll get more when we get to Mexico!! -Chester