Max Gaertig Interview

Only Ten day's and were off to Mexico city! Right about now Max is in L.A with Andrew Jackson, starting his month long trip around California and Mexico. I got a chance to catch up with him before he took off, to see how Germany is and talk a little about the up and coming southbound and down trip. 

Q: MAX!!! How are you man? How’s Bonn Germany treating you?

A:Shitty weather, the only good thing is that we can ride this empty fountain, because theres no water in it until spring. Hm, dortmund (soccer club)is winning the league,which is good..also the latest american dad episodes are pretty funny.

Q: I had no idea you went to Panama! How was that trip?

A:Pretty awesome! Thanks to animal for taking me on that trip,I had a great time,sun,rum,bmx,crazy spots,also thanks to the locals and zac..

Q: Your almost done with School? Any big plans?

A:Yeah,I just finished the semester and if I keep going like this right now I will be done by the end of the year.I dont think I will go back to the bank but something in the financial sector might be the right thing.

Q: What do you know about Mexico city? Can you speak any Spanish?

A: Shit,I wish I would have had spanish in school,I would have needed it in panama as well to get rid of the prostitutes that were harassing us.

Q: Did you know that Mexico city  is over 2200 Meters high?

A: Yes,It also has like 22 million inhabitants,theres gotta be a lot of good spots there,too.

Q: Do you think you should cut back on the smoking this trip? Since the air is so thin and polluted.

A:Well if the air is so bad I should inhale more smoke and less air,haha.

Q: Compared to vodka, How much do you like Tequila?

A: I like tequila gold a lot.Im excited to try out the tequila in mexico.I think the best drinks are always the sort that they make in the specific country that you are in, just like rum in panama,wodka in eastern europe,schnaps in germany and red wine in france or italy.

Q: Were getting a van for the Mexico city trip. How do you feel about that?

A: Haha, you just want to hear that i like driving around in a car to spots rather than ride around on the bmx.

Q:  What’s the weirdest thing you have seen Jason Phelan do on, or off his bike?

A: Almost every time he rides Im thinking damn!how good is this guy at riding bmx!

Q:  I got word your moving to Jersey. Is this true?

A: Maybe after Im done with school, I will be down there this year for sure to finish my video anyways.

Q: What the hell are you gonna do when you get to L.A?

A: Chill out in the sun and check out some nice spots to ride

Q: Any last words?

A: Nope!

Cool man, see you in Mexico city!