Mexico city day 1

Photo by: Ryan Fudger I really didn't know what to expect coming to the 3rd largest city in the world. When I say 3rd Largest, I mean the 3rd largest! I can't even imagine what number 1 and 2 are like. This place never ends! Were staying in the Centro district of the city. It's right smack in the middle of the old historical part of Mexico city. The Air is terrible! The traffic is nuts!! But that's what I love, blasting through traffic and really riding a city. 20 million people and this city never ends! We have been warned about the bad areas of the city but I really couldn't tell if we were in a bad area or not. We have an amazing guide by the name of Patricio and a ton of good locals who is showing us around! Thanks to all of them! The Office!

France in Mexico!

Max, Andrew, Maxime, Chillin after lunch!

Mexico city!

More to come each day! Keep up!