Mexico city day 2&3

It seems like we have been in Mexico city for a lot longer than 3 days. Maybe thats because we have seen and done so much in such a short amount of time. Day two had it's ups and downs. First off I busted my chin open for like the tenth time in my life. Having a big bleeding gash in your face is not as bad as spraining your wrist on the second day of a major trip. I'm gonna chill for a few days and I hope that my wrist gets better.  Andrew and Maxime are killing the streets of Mexico, while battling the thousands of people and traffic on the street. Were getting large crowds of people gathering around to watch the action! The Locals kill it with all the good moves. This is one of the first places I have been were we can ride with 30 people and not get kicked out of spots.

After busting up my chin and hurting my wrist i had to pick up Marcas and Sam from the airport that night. The airport lost Sam's bike bag and Marcas's flight was canceled. The Mexico city Airport said that his flight had arrived ontime so I had no idea where he was. After a few messages on facebook Marcus magically show up at the hostel.

After we had the entire crew accounted for we headed out to a giant Mariachi band party! It was a heavy night of drinking, But we managed to get some good riding done. The Spots are really crazy!

Amazing spots!

More to come form Mexico city!  There is talk of renting scooters for a few days to get around, That's gonna be wild!