Mexico City day 3&4

It's crazy how corrupt the police are in Mexico city. Maxime was drinking on the street the other night and the cops were gonna take him to Jail unless he paid them 200 pesos. Of course no one in the group could speak Spanish, So the cops call the dispatch and give the phone to Max. The dispatch told him to pay the cops or go to jail. So we paid them.....

My Breakfast this morning, was really good believe it or not:

The Last two days have been great! The dudes are killing it! My wrist is still messed up but I managed to get a couple clips today. Maxime did something today I have never seen! The rest of the crew agreed that this trick had never been done. Wait till the edit comes out. We rented a van so were getting to the far reaches of the city. Crazy spots and crazy parks fill the ghettos of Mexico city.  It's a little dirty in places but safe. Ryan Fudger dislocated his finger today and had to pull it back in place, He's lucky that it wasn't his trigger finger. I might start a rule that the filmer and photographer can't ride on trips.

Van is jammed.

The Parks are ruff but good!

Locals chillin!

A real shit river! I wish you could smell it.

Getting an early start tomorrow, Lots more to explore. It seems to never end.