Mexico day 5

It's usually around day five of a trip when it starts to catch up with you. We were feeling a little beat today, So we hit a couple spots and chilled the rest of the day eating some real Mexican food. Let's just say it involved mosquito eggs, wild boar, and the freshest tortillas you ever sank your teeth into.

Marcas Grubbs, blasting a candy bar and making us laugh once again.

Things are coming along well with the trip. Were out the door around eleven and riding at 12:30. The side walks are ruff in Mexico city, and some of parts of the city are very poor. Little kids no older then seven or eight walk the street searching for money. Some of them try to entertain people in cars waiting at red lights. Women and children sell everything from cigarettes to gum to water, in the same fashion on the side of the road. The cops are everywhere! But they don't seem to mind us riding spots. Some places you have to have a permit to film or shoot photos in that park or area. But once they see Andrew Jump over everyone off the flat they don't mind.

People in Mexico city are very patient with us. Andrew's Spanish is the best out of the group, Ryan in second and I'm happy to say I made third. But being third doesn't mean shit. I can get words out to order some foods. But if one question is asked, I'm lost. We seem to make friends every where we go, weather it's Mexican gangsters or a three foot tall man by the name of Mike....Also known as the gremlin. We only have 5 more days in a city with 21 million people. We'll keep you posted.