Mexico day 6&7!

There are so many dudes that ride in Mexico city! Way more than i thought there would be. Yesterday we held a Jam at a local recreation center. The kids had a great time and we had even a better time throwing out ton's of product and watching the kids go nuts!! It was so crazy at one time I had seen one dude bleeding from all the kids fighting over the product. Thanks to all the Locals for showing up, and Chopper for letting us use the ramps for the Jam! This is around the corner from our Hostel

My wrist is feeling better so I hope to make up for my down time today at the University. I think at this point every one is tired but still getting stuff done and having a good time. I personally am looking forward to home, But at the same time don't want to leave this place. There is so much to explore and discover in this massive city.  I will be back, I know that.

Mexico city struggles with corruption. Last night this girl from South America was going out with a local guy she had just met. They got in a cab and the cab took her to the North East part of the city where the neighborhood is sketchy. She was robbed at gun point. All her money and her camera was striped from her. The only thing she got to keep was her passport. After she found some cops and told them what happened the cops gave her a ride back to the Hostel and then demanded money from her for the ride. But like any city there are shitty people. Mexico city is a really friendly place, but can be very dangerous if you end up with the wrong people.