Daniel Tünte Kills BSD/DIG/Nike 6.0-Jam in Scotland!!

I'm a little late on this post, but if you didn't see the Nike 6.0 Jam in Glasgow Scotland this last weekend, here it is! Our own Daniel Tünte Killed it with a second place finish against some of the biggest names in BMX! Great job Daniel! Daniel had a few words about the contest over at Freedom, It's translated form German to English so bare with me I'm still working on my German! Thank Google Translate and Sabine over at the office!

Interview by Freedom Magazine.

Q: How did you like the contest?

Daniel: The comp was pretty cool. I didn’t feel any pressure, it was even more of a releaxed session.. The in the qualifying i pulled all trciks and was 4th, even if i didn’t expect that. In the finals i crashed already in the first line, but afeterwards it went very well (thanks to achim kujawski who gave me some secret trick tipps) I came out with a second place finish.

Q: How did you like the park? Daniel: The park is HUGE. On top it’s the perfect mixture of park, street, and Bowl.

Q: How was the atmosphere of the crowd? Did it motivate you during your runs? Daniel: I don't realize the mood of the crowd when I'm riding. I just try to ride the best I can and focus on my lines and tricks.

Q:How were the other riders, Riding?

Daniel:  Simone  Baracco rode amazing! His highligt was  a 360 to Smith to Barspin. Kriss Kyle, is a local at the park and had the most style out of anyone.

Q: Do you like Scotland?

Daniel: I have never been before, Didn't see much of the country. But it was crazy driving on the left side of the road!!

Q:Any shout outs? Daniel: Best Wishes to Jason Phelan and all the other guys who crashed hard on their faces. And thanks to Achim,  He made it possible for me to go to Scotland!


Pro Park: 1. Kriss Kyle 2. Daniel Tünte 3. Paul Ryan 4. Francis Wright 5. Alex Kennedy 6. Simone Barraco 7. Joris Coulomb 8. Anthony McGurk 9. Tony Malouf 10. Luke Padgett 11. Ben Lewis 12. Owain Clegg