Help Japan!

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives, It takes a tragedy to wake us up and see what's really important. We surround ourselves with thoughts about who is doing what? Who is riding what? Who is wearing what? That we loose site of the big picture. In reality, non of this shit is important. We are all BMX riders no matter where we live and no matter what we ride. Right now people in Japan are going through hell!  It's a long list of things that have happend over the course of a couple weeks that everyone knows about, some things are in our control and some are not. Please find out what you can do to help the people of Japan. There is a big BMX scene in Japan and they are suffering right now with staggering numbers of  loss, and the need for basic necessities. Lets get these guys riding again! Donate to the  Redcross and Help em out anyway you can.