Help Fellow Rider And Friend Mike Tag

I must have watched this section so many times, I wore the VHS tape out! . Mike shaped how a lot of us started riding in the late 90's, and I can say he had a major influence on how I personally ride BMX today! He was my favorite rider on Road fools 2! I Remember going to Portland just to try and grind all the rails he did while in Portland on Road Fools. It took more than one trip to get that task done. Hell, I still call some of the rails in Portland "Mike Tag rail" 13 years later. Now he needs our help!

Mike has been diagnosed with Stage ll Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. In other words "Cancer" Mike is one tough SOB, and will be able to fight this off with proper medical treatment and Chemotherapy. Chemo treatment is around 300,000 in America, That doesn't include the hospital stay and all the other extras that come with that! Like most Americans Mike has no health Insurance. He needs Donations to help pay these bills. FBM has set up a Cancer benefit for Mike Tag Please Help one of the most influential BMX riders of our time by donating anything you can. Everything helps even a little amount can make a difference.