Young Bloods? Well, Maybe.

Seems like this trip has been non stop since we left Portland Last Friday. We drove 13 hours south to Fresno California that day, got in super late, woke up and started things off with riding some amazing schools and the Mosqueda BMX park in Fresno. Getting the AM Team together for a trip was a goal of mine since I became the TM last January. I really wanted to give these guys the chance to get there name out there and really feel what it's like to go on a WTP trip.

What can I say about Fresno? It's Raw, Ruff, very Mexican and filled with spots! It's basically a BMX paradise. With the Mosqueda BMX only park and the classic California school set ups and empty swimming pools, you can't loose unless it rains. Well it rained for the last two days but we some how managed to get around it and use our time to get some good riding in. We have a good crew on this one and that helps a lot. I just turned 29 couple weeks ago and was assuming that I would be playing dad on this trip. I didn't really realize how old everyone was till they showed up in Portland last Thursday night. Jeff Martin is 22, Chris Gollup is 27, Marcas Grubbs is 23, Greg Henry is 22, and the true young blood on this trip, Codie Larsen is 17. Let's just say Codie should be doing his home work right now.

The Ever so big Fresno Park! It's a concrete master piece that you would need months to find all the lines. We had a Mellow night session with Chad Osburn, Chad kills the Fresno Park like it's a set of trails! Waking up with grey skies on Sunday morning was a bit of downer since it started raining. After checking out a few spots in the rain we headed over to Hurb Bauer Bike shop to pay Chad a visit and check out the shop drop off some stickers and catalogues.

I love the people in this area, Super ghetto but not really dangerous. As the trip continues I'm hoping that the rain will stop following us. More Updates soon.