Welcome To The Team Mike Almodovar

I'm pleased to announce a new Addition to the AM Team, Mike "SmallFry" Almodover! Mike is only 16 and kills it. I got a chance to have a little interview with him to see what a 16 year old kid does in the middle of New Jersey.

Q: Name? Age? Where you from? A:Mikey Almodovar, 16, Woodbridge NJ.

Q: How did you get the nickname? "Smallfry" A:Ive always been the shortest kid in the crew ever since i was little, so my friends gave me the name.

Q: Describe a normal day in your life. A:Wake up, eat some pancakes, go to work until 4, cruise around with the Wallstreet SB crew looking for some cool spots or setups, film a few clips, and the just chill out for the rest of the night. Q How long have you been riding? A:7 or 8 years

Q: What kinda of setups do you look for when out riding? A:I try to look for stuff that people wouldn't really think of. I try to make my riding as unique as i can.

Q: What’s the worst trouble you have gotten in, for riding BMX? A:I went to a skatepark with a few of my friends when i was 13, and we got chased around the park by kids with knifes. I never pedaled so fast before haha! But luckily Ive never gotten in serious trouble with the cops for riding, knock on wood!

Q: Name 3 places that you want to visit before you die. Do you have a passport yet? A:Barcelona, Cali, and Australia. And yes I have a passport.

Q: How does it feel to ride for a German bike company? Do you know any German? A:Well WTP has always been a solid company so it feels really good, I’m stoked to be a part of the team! And I cant speak any other language besides English hahaha.

Q: Seems a lot of people these days only ride one kind of terrain. Do you consider your self just a street rider or do you ride everything? A:I ride street the most because you can find unique spots and get creative. But, i love riding skateparks with my friends, and flowing trails is one of the best feelings ever.

Q: Any big plans for the summer? A:Film as much as possible, take a few trips to Philly, NYC, and hopefully Boston, and pretty much just have a good time with my friend, that’s what its all about!

Q: Shout outs? A:Thanks to Jared Washington, Paul and Chester at WTP,Rob Larsen at Extremz Bike Shop, Nick Seabasty, Matt and Gary Nilsson, Mike Kliessler, Joe Synsoky, all of my friends over the years that kept me stoked on riding, and of course, my family.

Here is the latests edit form Mike. Enjoy! Keep your eyes peeled for more to come this summer!