Alaska, The Last Frontier!

BMX isn't everything in my life. Some times you need to step out side the circle and leave the bike at home. I took a trip to Alaska last week with my girl friend to check out the scenery, do a lot of fishing, and keep my eye's open for bears. I will say it's nice not having the hassle of dealing with a Bmx bike at the airport.

Alaska is a place I thought I would never go. Since it seems that it's not really the best environment for riding BMX, It wasn't on my list of places to ride. Lucky for me I enjoy the timeless hobbie of fishing. Now some people would argue that fishing is boring, Lame, and sucks cause you have to get up way too early to go out on the water and freeze your ass off for the chance to catch nothing. But in this case the salmon run started in the Kenai river the day I showed up. I caught so many salmon I couldn't take it all home with me. Two things you gotta have when fishing in Alaska. A gun, and Bear Mace. There are so many bears in Alaska, they sneak up all the time and scare the shit out of people. If one gets out of control and tries to attack you, mace em first. If that don't work then you gotta take em down with the revolver. But bears are safe as long as there not threatened or caught off guard with baby cubs. We had only seen two bears this trip. One on the Kenai river and one on the Russian river. Alaska is a place that i will return to someday. It's true when they say Alaska is the last frontier! It's vast never ending landscape of mountains,Trees, rivers, glaciers and wild life feel untouched by humans. This is what all of the northwest must have looked like before people settled here. If you ever get the chance to go, do it. I didn't know a bunch of ice could be so cool to look at. Chillin in Waders. Bear got this one!