Codie Larsen Bike Check!

Codie didn't want me to use this photo, Cause it's a 4 stair barspin. But, since I got a new Cannon 60D I don't care! Codie straight up rips on a BMX bike. Right now as I type this, he is working on an edit that should drop in the next week. Here is a peak at what this young Portland local is riding.

Frame: Andrew Jackson Cream Frame Fork: Scorpio Fork Bars: Mad Max Bar Cut. Grips: EL Barrio Grip Stem: WTP Supreme stem Headset: Eclat Cranks: WTP Royal crank Pedals: Ecalt Plaza Sprocket: Eclat Sylar 28T Pegs: Eclat Slot Peg Rims: Eclat Bondie Aero Rear Hub: Eclat Pulse cassette hub Front Hub: Eclat Teck Hub Guard: Pulse Cassette guard Front Tire: WTP Grippin 2.21 Rear Tire: Eclat Escape 2.21 Seat: Eclat Webster Rail padded Chain: Salt Photo: Jason Black