Vancouver 10Pack Trip Day1!

The Vancouver Canada 10pack trip is underway! Andrew Jackson flew in to Portland the other day and we took the 6 hour drive up to Vancovuer B.C. too meet up with Greg Henry and Sam Lowe. Bad news is Sam and Greg are both hurt on this one. So I Guess it's up to Andrew and I too shred hard.

Chet Photo: Andrew Boosting this afternoon, at the Hastings park.

What can I say about Van? It's not cheap at all! In fact it really pisses me off that the simplest things are so expensive here. Hastings street is wild, with heroin addicts and drug Zombies walking around. But that's only a really small part of this massive city. But like all the City's here in the northwest, It's super chill. People are just happy that the sun is out and no rain in site for the week. It's got some amazing food spots and the city is filled with some of the most unique skate parks in the world.

Even know Greg is hurt on this trip, he seems to be good too go for some park shredding. He showed up too Vancouver with this amazing stash! But soon realized two things. One, It's gay pride week in Vancovuer and some people on the street were getting the wrong Idea about him. Two, the girls here aren't digging the stash as much as I am. So he got rid of it this after noon. Good night Vancovuer! Keep checking for more updates on our trip! Wild times ahead!