Vancvouer Day 2!

The day started, with out a hang over! Man I must be getting old, Cause all I want to do is chill at night and get some good rest so I can ride, Even with all the craziness going on in Vancouver this weekend.

Fire work competition, B.C Day, Pride week. Over a hunderd thousand people packed the streets to watch china light off a million dollars with of fire works in English bay last night. I should have grabbed the camera! Oh well. Had a small Jam at 3ride Bmx shop Yesterday. I love that shop! It so rad that BMX has gotten big enough too have BMX only shops. 3Ride put out out some wedge ramps with a rail for the kids to shred on! Best trick won a C.R.E.A.M frame and second got a pair of Scorpio forks and C-Murder bars.

Sam Lowe was chillin at the shop! Looks like his wrist is really messed up from a bad crash on the east coast last week. Wait till you see the crash! It looks really bad!! I Mean really bad! More to Come of Vancouver! Gonna be here all week so keep checking in!