Greg Henry Bike Check!

Greg Henry might have the best attitude in BMX. Fresh out of culinary school, this young Canadian works hard and plays even harder. Greg runs four pegs and is "not" goofy footed, So big switch rails like this one above, are as switch as it gets. I got a chance to do a bike check with Greg on our 10pack trip out here in Vancouver Canada. Frame: Andrew Jackson signature C.R.E.A.M frame Fork: Eclat, Stream fork Bars: Mad Max Bar Stem: Sean Burns top load stem Headset: Wethepeople Compact Grips: ODI, long neck Break lever: Eclat, swift lever Break: Eclat, Unit cold forged break Pegs: Eclat slot pegs Front hub guards: Eclat teck Rear hub guard left: Eclat Pulse Rear hub guard right: Primo Front Hub: Eclat teck hub Rear Hub: Eclat Pulse cassette Rims: Bondi Aero rims Seat: Complex combo seat and post Front tire: Eclat CMD 2.3 Rear tire: Eclat CTRL 2.1 Cranks: Eclat Onyx Sprocket: Eclat Tilt 25T Pedals: Eclat Surge Pedals. Wild nights of Planking, Owling and being at the bottom of the bike pile in fort of the bar don't stop Greg from Shredding all day.