LA Days!

Well, I've been in Los Angeles for about a week now cruising around and enjoying the sun with Andrew jackson. Codie Larsen flew in yesterday morning and has been killing the California schools this weekend. But, not all good news. I blew my ankle up real bad on a fast plant to drop today. Gotta go to the hospital in the morning and find out if it's broke. Here are a few photos of the dudes.Hanging out with Andrew cracks me up. Before jumping this fence, I over heard him say he didn't feel like riding today. But in true Andrew fashion he jumped this fence 20 times to get the line he wanted. This is Codie's first time in LA, and his second real BMX trip out of Oregon. Right now he is asking me where he can go ride tonight. Andrew said South Central LA is really nice to ride at night. Kid never wants to stop even if we send him to one of the worst neighborhoods ever. Andrew, is working on some trails with a kid that has a full size replica of the 2008 summer Olympic BMX track in his yard. Dudes old man has tractors lights the whole deal. Here Brett Auerbach blast a table on Andrews old WTP Scorpio over the last set. The rest of the Jumps are really well built but this one had the best lighting for the photo. Keep you guys posted on my ankle, and if Codie gets lost in LA.