Lost Angeles?

Seems like I've been in this city for a long time now. So long that the regulars in Andrews neighborhood know me. From the people at the coffee shops, to the bums that see me crutching around asking me for change. That's right, crutching around. I Broke my ankle and foot last Sunday trying to shoot a photo for my ride interview. This really put a damper on things.

After Codie flew in on Saturday, we had two good days of riding, till sunday night when I got broke. Codie has so much energy it's driving me crazy! He drinks redbull at eleven at night. In the morning he eats Oreo ice cream and drinks Dr pepper to wash it down. I feel bad for the kid cause I'm supposed to be filming him and we can't get far with my broken ankle. When Andrew doesn't have school we get to go for a drive and get stuff done.

Only a few more days and I head back to Portland to heal up. I spend my mornings pushing my self down to the coffee shop to hang out and see the crowds going to work. I do enjoy that part of the day. I also enjoy pushing my self around, getting lots of weird looks at lunch time. I just wanna say to people, "You never seen a wheel chair before!" It's been 4 years since I've been on crutches so it's brining back bad memories. At least this time it won't be 8 months off my bike. I'm praying that I'll only be out for a few months. Good thing winter is around the corner, lots of time to heal up.