Sam Lowe Mini Interview!

Sam Lowe has been part of the Wethepeople family for as long as I can remember. Everything you see of him, is some crazy rail set up, or some wild downside double peg grind. I got a chance to get a mini interview with Sam to see what he's up to and also find out he if he's prepared for another wet winter in the NorthWest. Rob Marcus Photo: Sam slides a really nice kinked rail that he didn't show me when I was in Canada this year.

Q:What's up Sam? A:Drinking a glass of wine in front of the television with my girl, listening to the rain fall.

Q:Sounds romantic! You ready for the rain to start in the NorthWest? A:Fuck no, just getting the first taste of whats to come. its gonna be a long winter Sam has this fat ass cat named Garfield! He loves feeding it!

Q:How was your summer? A:Summer was good. i stuck around vancouver for the most part. i was dealing with injuries all summer so i kept it pretty mellow, rode skateparks and just cruised around. went to vegas for interbike, saw the gang and now im back in vancouver trying to take advantage of the awesome fall weather before winter hits. ive been riding and filming a bunch and just trying to enjoy the last bit of the sun.

Q:How long do you think you will be out after surgery on your wrist? A:honestly i have no idea. I had a bunch of contacts for surgeons stored in my phone, and it just recently got stolen so i lost all of them. now im chillin waiting for a phonecall to go in and get it dealt with. i've kinda been slacking and just dealing with the bum wrist, but i dont want to put it off too long. i wanna be 100% by next summer. the surgeon that i saw a few months back told me i would have a cast on for 8 months, but he was a pussy so im not listening to him. i'll be good to go after 4-5 months hopefully. Rob Marcus Photo:

Q:Word on the street is your working on a signature product,Can you talk about it? A:Yeah i'm super excited. we've been working on a grip for the last few months, going back and forth on designs. its gonna be a thin, super soft, tacky, longer grip with no flanges. the drawings look awesome, they turned out better than i could have hoped for. im just waiting on some samples to make sure everything is dialed in and soon after that they will go into production. hopefully it wont be too much longer. Thanks Sam! If you didn't get a chance to see Sam in the Wethepeople video, Check it out! One of my favorite clips is Sam moving a security guards bike out of the way, while the security guards still on it.