Jason Phelan Interview!

I got a chance to catch up with My favorite Irish BMXer, Jason Phelan. Check out this Interview.

Q:What's up Jason? How you holding up after that wild crash?

I'm doing good just trying to take it easy for a bit, but its hard as im trying to film a good section at the same time. No rest for the wicked

Q: How's the BMX/Party scene in Liverpool these days? Still crazy as ever?

To be honest I havent been here much this year and I've calmed down quite a bit but i dont think it's what it used to be, I still do have the odd crazy night out tho.

Q: Your new signature frame is sick! Can you tell us about it?

Yeah it is sick! I love it! Its just the type of frame I like to ride. Nice and high, so its easier for barspins and the short backend is good for spinning. As Van Homan said about his frame, I can pretty much say the same "its not a scooter." Its also the strongest frame I've had in years and i have deffo put it to the test this year as i have been filming non stop. Its just one frecken good bmx "extreme" frame for extreme people like Joe Bailey (The most extreme person i know) I'm also real happy about the stickers! I got an Irish friend that i grew up riding with to the design danleodesign.com so he knew what I was into. I'm real happy he was apart of it and now i just cant wait to see what people think

Q: You working in any projects at the moment? I feel like your all over the place.

Your right i am all over the place this year It's been great! Right now im just finishing up filming for the props owned dvd which should be out by christmas. I've been to so many countries this year, from road trips around Europe to contests in America. I've also done a Irish road trip a few weeks back, the video should be online any day now.

Q: How was your summer?

So good just been to so many places hung around with to many good people, what a way to live!

Q: Name 5 things you always travel with?

1: Hair straighteners 2: Nail clippers 3: 2 liter bottle of water 4: A dog 5: My lucky charms

Q: Do you believe the world is gonna end in November of next year?

I hope not then no one will see my owned section, and me getting first at the worlds next year.

Q: You still drinking river-view's finest?

HAHAH I havent touched that stuff in so long! For you guys who want to party on the cheap this is the wine for you

Q: Any shout outs or things you want people to check out?

Just thanks to everyone who is supporting me and helping me out so I can do what i love and making a 25 year olds child's dream come true! Like lets be honest no one wants to walk around without wearing nike 6.0 And i certainly dont want to fall on my knees without wearing fuse pads And if i was you i would just be bloody embarrassed if i wasnt riding down the road on an IRISH Wethepeople frame

I cant believe you just read this, now go ride your bike -Jason

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