Cheers to 2013! Now on to 2014

WTP_LA_Lifestyle-17 2013 Has been a good one for WTP. We adjusted our pro roster, took some trips, added a new TM, and had slid a few handrails all the while. Cheers to everyone who helped contribute to us making BMX goods, we can't thank you enough.

Below is a retrospective of some of our favorite videos of WeThePeople riders over the past 12 months. See ya next year!

(In no particular order)

Andrew Jackson CREAM promo.

Andrew lays down some hammer moves disguised as a fork promo. Pay attention to the burliness.

Espana Vacation

Ddddddamn. Pete Sawyer and Jason Phelan manhandle Spain and leave a wake of destruction. So good.

WETHEPEOPLE / España Vacaciones from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Brandon Begin

US AM rider Brandon Begin started the year off with his edit. Good stuff.

Maxime Pro Bike shop

There are edits and then there are edits. Hadrian Picard takes Maxime's crazy talented bike skills and combines them with his French artist brain. A pleasure to watch.

Marcas Grubbs x DIG

Marcas has been bouncing around the states this year. He managed to film some BBall and bike riding while in Austin. Invert to smith?

DIG X Marcas Grubbs a BMX video by digbmx


In hopes of kicking off 2013 with a bang, we took a trip to LA with our US pro team and Pete. It did not go as expected. One pro faded off the team, and Raul came on board. Freak cold fronts aside we managed to get some stuff done, and Chester came out with a tiny shred of his sanity in tact. (I'm guessing this trip was this instigator for his solo Moto ride cross country.)

Sawyer//Curley Game of Bike

Pete and re-pete Mike had some fun indoors while the Leeds weather Leeded all around.

Month of MOE

German flow guy Moe has got the moves. This section is such a good watch.

IN THE MONTH OF MOE / WETHEPEOPLE from wemakethings on Vimeo.

Mike Curley Summer edit

Mike's riding is the future. Great stuff from the young'un.

Mike Curley - Summer 2013 from CSG UK on Vimeo.

Maxime Antipodes Loop

Maxime can ride anything, including a 90 degree vertical macaroni drain tunnel. WTF, no words, just watch.


Our banger project from the year, Pete Adam went around the UK and Germany and got parts from most of our guys. Falling somewhere between an edit and full-length, this is one that is worth watching again and again.

WETHEPEOPLE: Rain Or Shine Full Video from wemakethings on Vimeo.