Dan Foley - Welcome to Pro


Always a good day when we can announce the addition of an already established PRO rider to the current team. Dan Foley needs little introduction in BMX, a clinical and stylish rider both on street and ramp. Dan put together this introduction video to coincide with our press release today and to let everyone know he is working hard on his welcome edit. - Paul

Bringing Dan on board has been something I've been working on for months now. He's such a respected dude all around. His riding is envious, and his attitude is great. So psyched he's part of the WTP pro team. Good things to come! - Andrew ____________________________________________

What’s going on with you lately?

Not too much really. I've just been riding a lot and doing video projects here and there. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I'm not complaining.

What are you riding these days?

Since its spring and the weather has been good, I've been riding outside as much as possible. ECU's campus is down the road from my house, so I ride there all the time. There's a cool DIY spot that's recently popped up down here, so I go there a good amount. Also Jaycee skatepark and the Unit all the time.

Plans for the rest of 2014?

I just plan to keep on riding as much as possible, as well as filming a lot. I'm starting to work on a full edit for WTP, plus I've been hearing about a big trip this fall to Europe so I'm definitely excited about both of those. I plan to make it out to the Vans HB contest again this summer and hopefully at least a couple other contests too.

How’s the WTP feeling?

It's awesome. It's a really solid feeling bike, plus everything has well-rounded and comfortable geometry.

favorite part on the new ride?

It's hard to narrow it down to one thing, but I'd have to say the tires. Most tires I've rode over the years feel pretty similar, but the WTP tires have this certain feel to them. They're a bit more tacky feeling than other tires I've ridden, so they grip more and have a satisfying squeak when you do tricks like 180s and half cabs. Skids feel better and more consistent with them too.

Any other thoughts?

Just cruise.