Dan Foley Bike Check/Interview

dan_foley_bike_02-600x400 Dan has a bike check up on RideUS, go check that steed out...

Interview via RideUS:

Obviously the big news here is that after the split with Premium at the end of last year, that you’re now riding for WTP… How’d it come about? Andrew White, the TM, hit me up one weekend and asked if I’d be into riding for the company. WTP has been around longer than I can remember, have always made good stuff, plus they seem committed to pushing more in the US. The decision was pretty easy

Bike was pretty fresh when we were hanging out; how’s it been treating you? Thanks! It’s been awesome. It’s really solid feeling and really wasn’t far off geometry-wise from what I’ve been riding for years. It was really easy to get used to and feels great.

The color is like an off black that I haven’t seen before, what’s up with it? It’s called acidized black. I thought it was going to be some sort of really flat black, but it’s actually a pretty unique looking color. I’d describe it as being between raw and flat black. You can see the welds, but it’s a bit darker than raw. I love it.

How’s Greenville treating you? The scene there has obviously died down pro-wise, but how’s it doing overall? It’s been good. The Unit is still around, Jaycee skatepark is still a mile from where I live, and there’s enough street around to keep one entertained. It is pretty crazy how much the scene has changed over the past few years, but there’s still enough good people to ride and chill with to make it worth living here.

Nyquist has the building that the The Unit is in for sale for a little while, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet. What’s going on with it? I’m not sure, honestly. I think Ryan was interested in selling or leasing the building, but just hasn’t found someone yet. The demand for warehouse space in Greenville probably isn’t very high, so I’d imagine that’s why the Unit is still here.

Any trips coming up with WTP? There’s talk of a possible trip next month, so hopefully that pans out.

What about any signature parts? Working on a signature frame at the moment, so I’m definitely excited about that.

I told you this in person, but your last edit was obviously great on all levels. You went to film school, correct? Do you film constantly (projects outside of BMX) or is most of your work related to riding? Thanks again! I went to school for media production. Right now I pretty much only do riding stuff. I’m definitely open to projects outside of BMX, but right now I don’t really go out of my way to find any. I feel that way I can focus as much on riding as I can.

How long do you usually keep bikes for? That’s hard to say since I usually just switch out parts as I need them. I usually ride frames, forks, and bars for about 6 months though.

You replace parts as you need ‘em or just build new ones up? I replace stuff as I need it. This bike is my first completely new bike in years (besides the sprocket and hub guard).

Did you modify any parts or do anything special? I cut my bars down (way to much this time haha), chopped my steer tube a little and made my hub guard spin. I cut my bars down to about 27.25”. Other than that, nothing. I’ve been meaning to cut down my steer tube a little too so I can get rid of the small spacer up top.

What part (or angle of a part/frame/etc.) are you most particular about one your bike? Definitely the handlebar angle. Whenever I get new bars and/or a new stem, I freak out for about 2 days trying to get my bars exactly the same as they were before. Sometimes I’ll get it first try, other times I’ll adjust them 4-5 times before it’s just right. It’s kind of weird since it doesn’t affect my riding much at all if they’re a little off, I just can’t stop thinking about it till they feel perfect.

What else is really specific to you when it comes to bike setup? I really prefer a frame with a lower BB (around 11.5”). To me it feels so much more consistent and stable, plus it makes your bars feel higher without them actually being higher. It just makes a bike more enjoyable to ride in my opinion. Also bar width. They’ve got to be right around the 27-27.5” range, which is pretty narrow by today’s standards. I’ve tried going wider before, but I always just end up holding the same spot and having a ridiculous amount of handlebar sticking out past each hand.

If ya got ’em, this is where the thanks go… Thanks to my parents, all my friends and family, my girlfriend, WTP, GSport, Vans, Ride and Ryan Fudger for this bike check, and anyone who’s supported me in any way, shape, or form. Thanks!