This Month Last Year

A year can shoot by so fast, heres a quick look at what happened last June 2013.

Dale Armstrong welcome to WTP flow. Since last year Dales been killing it in the UK, not without injuries but thats just because he's goes in hard.

Mike Curley - The Cell Block, always good to watch Mike, his control is unreal.

This was sick, WTP rider Moritz Nussbaumer and filmer Sebi Messerer set off to find a bunch of spots in Stuttgart and Munich and they came back with a sweet edit of their time there.

Filmed and Edited by Sebi Messerer.

On June the 18th we held an impromptu skatepark session and prize toss at Garvanza skatepark in Los Angeles. Laid back and organised by PRO riders Raul Ruiz and Andrew Jackson.

Sosh Urban Motion 2 - Will Evans & Jason Phelan (Ru/Irl) from Ride Sessions on Vimeo.

The SOSH event was going on too, Check this one of Jason Phelan all filmed on iphone 5. Impressive. By Will Evans.