WTP Welcomes Ed Zunda

wtp_ez_edit Well the week started off better than we imagined because we announced the awesome news of Dillon Lloyd being added to the PRO team and we also dropped his sick new welcome edit. Well we also had some other news that was just bursting to come out and that news is that Ed Zunda has now joined the WTP PRO team. If you don't know about Ed and his riding then you must be living under a rock or in fact you are actually a big grey rock and you've not moved since you were formed and have no knowledge of modern life.

Ed’s a brutal street rider from Latvia who’s no stranger to putting out sick edits and dropping hammers at world contests. We’re not wasting any time getting Ed fully integrated into the squad either, after his appearance at the Munich RINK event he will leave with Mo and Dillon for a week in Vienna, and in a couple of weeks will Join Curley, Gaertig and Mo again for a week in Prague.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site in the upcoming months for news, footage and updates from the team.


Ed is running a Pete Sawyer Sterling frame in 21.2" along with some Mike Curley Switch Bars and a pair of Chrome Patron Forks. He's also got a pair of our Feeling Tires in 2.25" which have been a hit with our team since day one. We've already started working with Ed on his signature frame which will be available early next year...