10 Reasons to like Mo.


We ask Mo 10 questions in an attempt to know more about the mythical machine from the depths of our domain.

1. What are you doing right now?

I'm in Cologne for the week, waiting for the bangers premiere and the rider of the year awards on the weekend.

2. What did you do last night?

Ate some candy at Daves house and then watched a bunch of Andrew Reynolds videos with Billy.

3. Where were you this time last year?

I was an intern at an agency(Millhaus.com) in Munich.

4. When was the last time you played a drinking game?

I think it was actually on the Noladaze trip, haha.

5. How bad did you feel after?


6. If the whole WTP team participated in a royal rumble wrestling match, who would win?

100% Dillon, i think he used to be a Canadian wrestle champion!

7. Who on the WTP team cannot tailwhip and why can they not tailwhip?

That banker guy from Bonn, I can't remember his name...

8. Whats the most interesting place you have ever been to while riding your bike?

Slab City, CA(USA) by far!

9. What is the worst place you've been to?

London Heathrow airport... It's huge, pricey and I have been there for more than 40 hours in total, waiting for planes.

10. How rich is Germany?

The Gross Domestic Product of Germany is about $ 3,280 Trillion.