Once, there was a time when no internet did exist at all. It was a weird time, people had to remember things with their own minds and often use their own eyeballs to see things. You did not have the ability to record or save those fond memories of XL no footers on the jump box unless you were rich and could afford a camcorder. In that same time there was no such thing as a blog, what you had instead was a diary and pretty much no BMXer even kept a diary because it was odd. We thank this amazing time we live in where we scan through the archives of the year and bring you the best of WTP in 2014. Here it is: 

January, the start of the year and the coldest month in the world except if you live in fucking paradise unlike us euro fools. RIDE BMX magazine brought to you the London Calling series and our very wet video was aired. Filmed by Hadiran Pickard and featuring: Dale Armstrong, Mike Curley, Jason Phelan, Pete Sawyer, Fooman and moritz Nussbaumer.

WeThePeople London Calling a BMX video by Ride UK BMX

Also in that month Jordan Waters fired out 5 rail moves first go.

Into February now and Maxime dropped this, as well as jaws for PRO Bike shop.

A few months earlier we hit up San Fran and out of that came Trippin North, edited and filmed by Scotty Mcmenamin.

March and we hooked up Brett Silva, the man. Brett Silva Welcome to WTP

We held a free pizza night in the works in leeds… Slice & Ride Night in Leeds, UK and we held another Spring Session jam WTP Spring Session Jam

Into April now and the rain that never ends, Max Gaertig released Grindhouse Terror and the world is ok.

New Film From Max Gaertig: Grindhouse Terror a BMX video by freedombmx

We also got some of the world wtp army to test some of our complete bikes. Check Theo Zannettacci here on the Volta.

In May we released our first video to help promote the Utopia frame set for flatlanders with our team rider Dustyn Alt, get a load of this glad ground wizardry.

Maxime took the Reason for a test run.

Moving into June and Raul Ruiz drops his summer edit for us all, edited and filmed by Andrew Jackson.

In July we were literally crapping our pants with joy because Dillon lloyd joined the PRO team and dropped this banger edit.

If that wasn’t enough to cream our socks off, we then hooked up Ed Zunda. WTP Welcomes Ed Zunda

Then we did another summer session jam The WTP Summer Session

Then we sent Mike Curley to the states to stay with the guys from TCU and they dropped this double Mike video with Mikey Tyra.

In August we went to on tour in the Czech Republic, we hit Mike in the face with a cake and made him go on the PRO team. Mike Curley goes PRO

We also went to Vienna, but just for a few days...

Pete Sawyer dropped this amazing Sterling promo and also a special extra explaining the frame itself.

In September we welcomed Justin Hughes from the North AKA Canada.

We released our 2015 complete bike catalogue 2015 Complete bikes catalogue online

We teamed up with DIG to bring you episode 1 of the series Scratch the Surface.

We went on tour again… Mini Shop Tour Dates! and Jordan Waters dropped some UK grime.

October came around fast and it started getting cold again. Meanwhile Little Pat showed us why he’s the man.

Mo the most well travelled AM around also dropped this…

We went deep into the swamps of Louisiana...

and we did another Autumn session..

Pete Sawyer nipped to Koln for some official business in the plaza.

Dan Kruk opened up the month of November by grabbing a spot on the AM team. Dan Kruk Welcome to WTP along with Swiss powerhouse Lucas Kneubuehler Lucas Kneubuehler Welcome to WTP and Mo got his first Print ad with us Mo Nussbaumer Print Ad

Also this month the RIDE TO GLORY video came out and we showed everyone how to drink. Oh and we won that overall which was dope. Callum Earnshaw killed it.

Ride To Glory 2014 - Wethepeople a BMX video by Ride UK BMX

Finally that month Jordan Hickey joined the Canada Am team.

So the year starts to end...

We all got down to London for the Rebel Jam and Curley made the top flight which was awesome for him!

The year slowly grinder to a halt then. NAR it didn’t haha…because we started to drop our 2015 complete bike videos which you can see here.

Overall this year has been super sick, having new riders join the team and travelling around has been incredible. Its the true essence of BMX. We’ve worked hard to create another collection of complete bikes that carries on improving with quality every single time. Its our goal and it always has been. We hope you enjoyed what WTP had to offer for 2014, because 2015 is going to be off the hook.