Sam Waters Joins WTP

Australia has a super tight scene considering the vastness of the land, its vibrant, everyone knows everyone and it's growing day by day. We've always had a good connection with everything down under and in the past years BMX international have helped WETHEPEOPLE become part of the family down there. We are super stoked to announce that Sam Waters is now part of the WTP team in Australia. Sam is a shredder for sure and were looking forward to whats to come. We asked Sam about his set up, travel plans etc.

Yo, so hows the bike?

The bike feels super dialled, comfy and easy to throw around, I'm really happy with it. The dudes at little black bike always keep the whip feeling fresh too.

You got an Envy complete, it's pretty sick right haha?

Set up wise this bike comes with everything I need to get on it and just go ride some street.

Travel plans?

Travel wise I've got a Melbourne trip coming up with the ADL crew, then I'm hopefully hitting up Perth in the summer and just anywhere I can hit some sweet spots up, Way too cold at the moment tho ha.

Peace guys!

Photo Ben Mcpherson

Photo Rhys Gogel


Check out Sam's set up...