You Feelin me? Ed Zunda and the Feelin' Tire

If you compare a 2.4” tire to a slightly smaller 2.25”/2.3” tire, the sidewalls on the smaller tire won’t hit the ledge/rail nearly as much while you’re grinding.

It's very rare that we get something perfect first go, but in the 8 years since the release of our first tire; we haven't found a single reason to change it. It’s the rubber of choice for a lot of our PRO and AM team as well as riders around the world. The Feelin’ Tire is the perfect balance between tread design, internal construction, rubber compound and size.


Despite many riders opting for 2.40"+ tires these days, we've seen a recent resurgence of the faithful 2.25" Feelin tire with street riders due to it's mid-way size that is wide enough to still absorb heavy landings, yet narrow enough so the sidewalls wont catch during grinds. We caught up with hardway 360 connoisseur and overall ‘Feelin Tire’ fan Ed Zunda on what makes the 2.25" Feelin tires the right tool for the job.

In your eyes what makes a good tire?

I think a good grip is essential; you don't want to be sliding around the place when you don't want to! I think the size of the tire has to be perfect, not too big, and not too small. Obviously it would have to last a good amount of time too.


Why is having a good tire setup important for you?

It's super important for me, and it's always been that way. You need to be confident about your bike and every part on it. You want to be running good tire that you can trust to hold out on you on big drops or tech stuff. It really makes the difference.

You’ve been running the ‘Feelin Tires’ since you first got on the team, what do you like about them the most?

I like that they are really grippy from day one and stay grippy for a long time after. I'm really into the design; they look super clean on your bike, not too overcomplicated.


How long do your ‘Feelin Tires’ normally last you?

I'm pretty hard on tires but it really depends on trip to trip. Usually they get worn out more on trips if the country/city is hilly. Now that I'm running the Feelin's, they last me for good 6/7months if I'm riding every day.

You need to be confident about your bike and every part on it.

You don't run monster truck tires right? Why do you choose to ride a 2.25” tire over a 2.4”?

I really feel that running a slightly narrower tire is better for grinds. If you compare a 2.4" tire to a slightly smaller 2.25"/2.3" tire, the sidewalls on the smaller tire won't hit the ledge/rail nearly as much while you're grinding. It also makes spins out of grind soooo much easier with 2.25" tires, also on crooked grinds too. For me it's a no brainer, a 2.25" tire is still big enough to cushion a lot of the force on big drops, but not catch on grinds. It's the perfect halfway.

Photo: Fred Murray.

Photo: Fred Murray.

Wethepeople Feelin Tire

Soft compound rubber

Semi- slick tread design with knurled surface and sidewalls

Ultra durable grip compound with traction improving design

 Wire bead

1.9", 2.1", 2.25", 2.35"

512g (1.9"), 624g (2.1"), 651g (2.25"), 688g (2.35")

The Feelin Tires are available now from Wethepeople dealers worldwide in 1.9", 2.1" and 2.25", with a larger 2.35" version dropping in December for you guys who still want some extra meat under your shoes.

If the Feelin is a bit on the Slick side for you, and you need some more rubber for rippin', check out the slightly gnarlier Grippin Tire which is also available now worldwide.