The accolade of receiving your very own signature product is normally reserved for once you make it to the esteemed ranks of the PRO team, however in Mike Curley’s case we made a special exception. At the time Mike was one of the most exciting and creative riders on the Wethepeople AM squad, and well on his way towards that spot on the PRO team, so working with him on numerous video projects combined with a signature part was something we were very confident would help him on his journey.

When we first sat down with Mike and discussed working with him on a signature bar, Mike was very specific in what he wanted. A taller 8.75” rise paired up with a slightly narrower 28.75” width so that the bar could be easily cut down without looking too small. Mike wanted a bit more upsweep that the Mad Max bars he was running before, so we found a good halfway point and bumped it up to 2.5 degrees paired with 11.5 degrees of backsweep which according to him; make the bar more comfortable on the wrists.

After speaking to Curley about issues he’s had with bars in the past, he mentioned that he normally ends up going over the bars a good amount when bailing from Nosemanuals and Hang 5s. We took this into consideration and decided to give the Switch bar a unique oval cross tube, which was designed to be much more dent resistant than a regular crosstube. The Switch Bar is fully heat treated for strength, and we also beefed up the tubing thickness on the bends to 1.6mm which really helps prolong the life of the bar and prevent bending.

A simple combination of perfect geometry and bullet proof construction has made the Switch Bar one of best selling handlebars to date. In fact you will find the majority of the team rocking them right now. The Switch Bar is available now in Gloss Black, Trans green, Trans Blue and Black Titan from Wethepeople dealers worldwide. Look out for two exciting new additions to the Mike Curley’s signature SWITCH series dropping later this year.