Dima Prykhodko Bike Check

Photos by Sebastian Anton.

Frankfurt street prodigy Dima Prykhodko just built up a new BUCK setup. This thing is looking sick to be fair, lets take a closer look...


Frame: Wethepeople Dillon Lloyd signature BUCK  20.75"

Fork: Odyssey R25

Bar: Wethepeople Patron 9"

Stem: Odyssey DGN

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: Odyssey 

Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolt

Sprocket: Sunday

Chain: Eclat Stroke

Pedals: Odyssey PC

Seat: Wethepeople Team Tripod Fat

Post: Wethepeople Tripod 230mm

Tires: Odyssey Dugan

Rims: Odyssey Hazard Light

Front Hub: Odyssey

Rear hub: Wethepeople Helix Freecoaster LSD with Helix nylon guard

Pegs: Eclat Venom 4.5"

I love the BUCK Frame because of the higher stand over height and the taller head tube. The whole front end looks so much cleaner.

Dillon Lloyd's signature BUCK frame has become a big hit with all the guys in the crew who like a taller standover and responsive geometry. The 127mm headtube on the BUCK allows you to run an uncut fork steerer for a taller bar position, without having to run lots of ugly spacers. You will also find 7mm thick fully invest cast dropouts on the BUCK which make it perfect for heavy grinders like Dima. The BUCK frame is available now in Matt Black, Trans Red in 20.75", 21" or 21.3".

The Helix coaster is the one of the best hubs I’ve ever ridden. It’s perfect for doing kickflips.

Most of the team are rolling on our Helix Freecoaster hubs paired up with the NEW Helix Nylon hubguards. It's proved Tri-pin internals make it one of the most reliable and durable freecoaster hubs on the market. Dima runs the V1 hub, but we now offer a V2 which uses the same internals, but with a lighter hubshell.

Dima rides our new team Tripod seat which uses a larger, stronger bases than most, and comes in your choice of Mid or Fat padding. Dima chose the Fat option in the Brown Leather colourway.


The BUCK frame, Tripod seat, Helix Freecoaster and our entire 2016 product range is now available worldwide and now LIVE on our website. Head to your local bike shop today and go treat yourself to some freshness for 2016...