Dillon Lloyd "BUCK Check"

After some time back home in Canada over the holiday season, Dillon Lloyd (AKA The Canadian Beast V2) is back in California finishing up his promo video for his signature BUCK frame and handlebar.

Dill, who's currently out in Phoenix, AZ just built up a fresh bike with all his signature WTP products as well as a good portion of Eclat parts to back it up.


Frame: Wethepeople Dillon Lloyd signature BUCK 21"

Fork: Eclat CODA 26mm

Bar: Wethepeople Dillon Lloyd signature BUCK 9.15" tall, 25.4mm clamping area

Stem: Wethepople Hydra 30mm rise, 25.4mm clamping area

Headset: Eclat Cargo

Cranks: WTP Ed Zunda signature AWAKE cranks, 170mm

Sprocket: Prototype Eclat AK guard

Chain: Eclat Stroke

Pedals: Eclat Slash

Seat: Wethepeople Team Tripod Fat

Post: Wethepeople Tripod

Tires: Eclat Fireball 2.40" in Dark Gum

Rims: Eclat Bondi XL 37mm wide

Front Hub: Eclat Dyanmic with Nylon guards

Rear hub: Eclat Cortex Freecoaster with Nylon guards

Pegs: WTP Dill Pickle

The BUCK frame was designed around Dillon Lloyd’s blend of progressive technical riding and all out savagery. The BUCK uses a taller 127mm head tube, allowing you to run a taller bar position with an uncut fork steerer, without having to run lots of ugly spacers. Dillon wanted a strong yet responsive frame, so we went with a steeper 75.5 degree head tube angle, a shorter 13.3” (slammed) chainstay and a taller 11.8” bottom bracket to give him extra clearance on crooked grinds. 

When you’re going big you need to be riding something you trust. I can honestly say the BUCK is the strongest frame I’ve ever ridden.
— Dillon Lloyd

The BUCK’s secret weapon is the super tough 7mm thick invest cast dropouts which are designed to run seamlessly into the frame and flush with plastic pegs and hub guards for the perfect fit.  Backed by our full Lifetime Guarantee and Dillon’s seal of approval, if you’re looking for a sturdy vessel to get wild on,  the BUCK is the one for you. 

Probably the best name for a signature product ever, the Dill Pickle peg came from Dillon's need for a light, but strong plastic peg system that could hold up to grinds day in, day out. The Dill Pickle uses a heat treated 7075-T6 alloy core with our own special blend Nylon Fibreglass sleeve for a long lasting peg that slides like butter. 

I’m in love with my pegs, they slide on anything.
— Dillon Lloyd

Dillon wanted a longer peg that would help him lock into crooked grinds and give him some extra length to pull out on hardway spins, so the Dill pickles measure up at 4.5" long. Tested by Dillon and the team for most of last year, the Dill Pickle peg is available now as an individual peg, and as a replacemnet sleeve.

Dillon has always been a fan of having something nice and fat between his knees to pinch on barspins. He now rides our Team Tripod Seat in the Fat padded version bolted on to our 230mm Tripod post with a good two fists of length.

Dillon's BUCK is backed up by a full arsenal of Eclat parts on his bike including Fireball Tires, Slash Pedals, Bondi XL rims and even a prototype Nylon sprocket guard.

Dillon likes to go big, and for that exact reason he was the perfect test dummy for the NEW 25.4mm clamping system we developed over the past couple of years. After a solid year on the same prototype bar and stem without a single slip, we decided to offer his signature BUCK bar in the new 25.4mm size which is available now, along with the 25.4mm Hydra stem to match. Dillon and most of the team are all on 25.4mm setups right now, with no sight of them switching back either.

The NEW 25.4mm system just makes sense, it’s a bombproof setup that you can really trust.
— Dillon Lloyd

The BUCK frame, BUCK bar, Dill Pickle pegs, Hydra stem, Awake cranks, and our entire 2016 product range is now LIVE on our website.  Go check out the product pages for more info on all our new 2016 products which all all available now from your local bike shop!