Max Gaertig Bike Check

WeThePeople OG and grind to whip grandmaster Max Gaertig stopped by the office to build up a fresh whip. Max decided to mix it up this time and try out a Dan Foley signature Army Green CADENCE frame in the new longer 21.25" version along with his signature Madmax bar in 25.4mm. Man does this thing look good...


Frame: Wethepeople Dan Foley signature CADENCE 21.25" in Army Green

Fork: Wethepeople prototype

Bar: Wethepeople Max Gaertig signature Madmax bar in the NEW 25.4mm version

Stem: Wethepople Hydra 30mm rise, 25.4mm version

Grips: Animal Edwin

Barends: Wethepeople Supreme alloy

Headset: Saltplus ECHO

Cranks: Animal Akimbo 175mm

Sprocket: Animal V3 25t

Chain: Eclat Stroke

Pedals: Eclat AK Prototypes

Seat: Wethepeople Team Tripod Fat

Post: Wethepeople Tripod

Tires: Eclat Fireball 2.30" in Dark Gum

Rims: Eclat Bondi XL 37mm wide

Front Hub: Eclat Pulse with prototype crmo guard

Rear hub: Eclat Pulse with prototype crmo guard

Pegs: Animal Lino OG 4.5"

Max is now riding the Dan Foley signature Cadence frame in the new 2016 Army Green model which in addition tot he 20.75" and 21" version, is now available in a longer 21.25" option for the taller guys like Max who need that extra leg room. The Cadence frame features a taller 9" standover and a lower 11.5" bottom bracket, as per Dan's request, who wanted a strong but stable frame that could hold it's ground going down a handrail, or blasting the local trails.

The Cadence frame feels great, I’m really into the geometry and the higher standover feels perfect.
— Max Gaertig

You've seen that crash in the LIT mixtape when Max almost gets speared by his lack of barends, Max now always rides with our 6061-T6 alloy Supreme barends which are built to be small enough that they wont catch on your hands on a missed barspin, yet just big enough to protect the end of your bars (and you!) when things get a little wild.

The crown jewel on Max's bike is of course, his signature Madmax handlebars. A real WTP classic, the Madmax bars have been on Max's bike since 2008. Now measuring up at 9.5" tall and 30" wide, Max runs the NEW 25.4mm clamping option paired up to a matching 25.4mm Hydra stem for the strongest and stiffest bar/stem combo on the market. 

It's no secret that Max likes to go big, so it made perfect sense for him to be the test dummy for the 25.4mm system, and tested the very first 25.4mm prototype bar and stem we ever made. After a year of sending it off some of the biggest drops and down the gnarliest rails possible, and where most bars would slip and fail, his stood steady. 

25.4mm is the future. I’ve never had a bar or stem which was able to handle this much impact without giving in.

It’s indestructible.
— Max Gaertig

After years running a slim Pivotal seat, Max just made the switch to the Tripod system and runs our Team Tripod Fat seat in the 2016 Black leather/canvas colourway.

Max hates a loose chain, so you'll also notice him taking advantage of the integrated chian tensioners on the Cadence frame to keep that back end in check.

The Cadence frame, 25.4mm Madmax bars and Hydra stem, and all of the WTP parts Max is running on his bike are available now form your local bike shop. Head on over to the product pages for a closer look at all of these products.