Waldemar Fatkin Bike Check

Far from your average rider, Waldemar Fatkin is bringing technical street lines and creative flatland links together into his own special blend of riding which is inspiring riders across the spectrum. The perfect ambassador for our Flatland/Street hybrid frame the UTOPIA, Waldemar has been travelling around the globe the past 6 months, bringing BMX to the masses and places where it's never been seen before.

We recently caught up with Waldemar to find out more about the setup he's riding right now, and a sneak peek at some exciting new prototype parts he's testing that you can expect to see later this year...


Frame: Wethepeople UTOPIA 20.3"

Fork: Wethepeople UTOPIA

Bar: Wethepeople LAZARUS prototype, 8.85" tall, minimal sweep.

Stem: Profile Push

Grips: Wethepeople Hilt flangeless

Headset: Wethepople Compact

Cranks: Odyssey

Sprocket: Wethepople Turmoil 25t

Chain: Saltplus Warlock Half-Link

Pedals: Odyssey

Seat: Odyssey Pivotal

Post: Wethepeople Pivotal

Tires: Ares


Front Hub: Odyssey Antigram

Rear hub: Wethepople Helix Freecoaster

Front Pegs: Prototype WTP signature LAZARUS alloy pegs with steel cap for durability

Rear Pegs: WTP Dill Pickle pegs with griptape

With the UTOPIA frame, I have the perfect hybrid for my riding, with amazing geometry and a lot of excellent details and very special features which you will only find on a WTP frame.
— Waldemar Fatkin

As well as helping us refine the UTOPIA range, we've been working with Waldemar on some signature products which you will be seeing more of later this year. 

One of the first product ideas Waldemar came to us with was a peg. What seems like such a simple product, actually took us a good while to figure out how to build it right. Flatlanders are very hard on their pegs, and over time the end cap gets worn down and broken, preventing the rider from using a socket tool., and creating a very uncomfortable surface to pivot on during tricks. Waldemar had a very specific length and diameter, and wanted a lighter alloy peg, but with a pressed on steel cap, giving it much more life than a simple alloy peg. Testing has been going really well so far, so look out for Waldemar's LAZARUS pegs later this year...

Lazarus pegs are my vision of good, light and clean pegs! The pegs are simple but the steel cap holds for long time and makes them very good for pivotal tricks.

After input from Waldemar, we made a few changes to the Utopia frame for 2016. Now in it's third year, the Utopia is now available in two sizes. Whilst for most flatland riders our 20" Utopia frame had all the right angles, Dustyn and Waldemar prefer an even longer, more street orientated setup, so we took the current Utopia frame and gave it a bit of a growth spurt. The Utopia is now available in a longer 20.3” top tube version with proportionally accurate geometry. The 20.3" has a taller 8.25” stand over height and longer 13.2” chain stay. This effectively gives you a choice between the smaller 20" version for pure flatlanders, and a longer 20.3" version for the guys that want something more stable and closer to a regualr street frame but still shorter and lower than most on the market.

The UTOPIA frame and fork are available now worldwide in Translucent Lime. Look out for Waldemar's signature LAZARUS BARS AND PEGS later this year...