Inventory: The Legacy Crank

Ever since our original WTP PRO cranks, which were then successfully followed by the legendary Royal cranks, our cranksets have spawned a reputation as some of the finest chromoly arms in the game. For 2016 we wanted to go back to the drawing board and introduce a new crank, the end result of input from the entire team during the course of the previous year.

The appropriately named Legacy Crank builds on our 15 years of experience building cranks, and together with a modern 2 & 1/2 pc design, brings a strong, dependable crank into our new product lineup for 2016.

With the Legacy crank, we wanted to design a simple looking crank that would appeal to riders across the spectrum. The larger 22mm spindle and grind friendly square shape arms, make the Legacy the perfect choice for street riders, where as the tapered arms, butted spindle and 2 & 1/2 pc design keep the weight down and will put the crank on the radar of skatepark and dirt riders, looking for a lighter crank with a larger spindle and multiple crank arm lengths.

After speaking to the team about the initial design, on of the first things we did was to strengthen the crank near the pedal boss. This is a high stress and high impact area, so we increased the overall shape of the arm and the thickness of the material near the pedal which makes the arm much stiffer, perfect for big drops or when you happen to land on the cranks with your feet. We then added an invest cast gusset, which increases the strength of the crank in that area, and also helps reduce the sharpness, making the crank much more tailwhip friendly as there are less sharp edges to catch your foot/heel on.

Throughout the Legacy crank you will find subtle improvements here and there, which on their own might not seem that much, when all added together, result in a crank that solves a lot of problems faced by your average rider. We made sure the sprocket bolt boss was made using a one pice deign, which in turn acts as an additional gusset on the back on the arms to help support the spindle area.

As tires have got wider, frames have had to compensate for this, and have moved to wider bottom bracket shells, and wider chainstays. We took notice, and in turn have made the spindle on the Legacy crank slightly longer, and the angle on the arm slightly wider, giving you plenty of arm clearance on the chainstays, and ensuring that their is plenty of spindle inside the crank arm, even with today's thicker sprockets.

Many of the team prefer to ride shorter chainstays, so we decided to offer the Legacy Crank in the traditional 175mm arm length for park and trails riders, but also added a shorter 170mm option for all the 4 peg riders out there looking for extra foot clearance on the back peg. If you're looking for shorter cranks still, we have a 165mm Legacy crank coming later this year.



2 & 1/2pc design, full seamless japanese 4130 crmo tubing, liquid post heat-treated


22mm 4130 heat-treated butted crmo spindle

165mm, 170mm and 175mm


Designed for use with a 22mm Mid Bottom Bracket (not included)

square shape arms
welded on gusset on the axle boss

dent resistant oval shape arms

RSD/LSD compatible


complete (crankarms, spindle, bolts): 873g, 30.75oz

gloss black, chrome


The Legacy Crank is available now worldwide from your local bike shop in Black or Chrome in 175mm or 170mm crank arm lengths, with the shorter 165mm versions dropping later this Summer...