Who is Dan Kruk?

I’d say about 98% of my life is dedicated to riding, the other 2% is checking Instagram

Who knows anything about Dan Kruk? A guy from the middle of America who takes some nasty spills and is not afraid of sending himself down insane handrails? Maybe yes, maybe we should know more. We asked him some of the most important questions ever, and I mean ever.

Who is Dan Kruk?

Dan Kruk is a 21 year old from the Midwest, U.S.A who rides a lil bike around with his friends.

Where are you from? Where are you heading to?

I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. As I type this I am in Denver, Colorado on my way home from a California winter.

How can people follow you? Snap Chat, Instagram? Myspace?

Snapchat: bmxdan Instagram: @dankrukbmx MySpace? Uhh maybe ride your horse and carriage into the past and try to find it 

You seem to be learning new tricks at an alarming rate, how would you describe your style?

I kind of just randomly learn new stuff, I never really go out on purpose to try learn anything. Sometimes I just mess up trying one thing and end up with with a new one.

If you could only watch one video part or one web edit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I would watch Garrett Reynolds Deadline section. It's pretty much the only part I re-watch weekly 

Do you believe in Aliens? 

Hmm not sure, I guess I wouldn't know if there was until I saw one 

Describe Donald Trump in one word?


How often do you scare yourself when you go riding?

I try to scare myself anytime I'm filming for something real. If you're not scaring yourself then you're not progressing  

Why did you start riding?

Back when I was 12 a GT stunt team did a demo at my local statefair. For a week I watched it everyday from behind the fence and was I hooked

How much of your life is currently dedicated to riding and what does the other part consists of?

I'd say about 98% of my life is dedicated to riding, the other 2% is checking Instagram haha