Felix Prangenberg Bike Check

Photos by Jan-Phillip Becker

Photos by Jan-Phillip Becker

We caught up with our young gun Felix Prangenberg just before he headed off to Barcelona to film for our new video FOUNDATION. Felix built up a new ride before the trip in the form of Ed Zunda's signature AWAKE frame and matching Sterling 4pc bars and forks in stealthy Matt Black. 


Frame: Wethepeople AWAKE 20.85"

Fork: Wethepeople Sterling

Bar: Wethepeople Pete Sawyer 9.5" 4pc

Stem: Wethepeople Hydra 36mm

Grips: Wethepeople Hilt XL 160mm sample

Headset: Wethepeople Compact

Cranks: Wethepeople Ed Zunda AWAKE 170mm

Sprocket: Wethepople 4star 26t

Chain: Saltplus Warlock halflink


Pedals: Animal Hamilton

Seat: Wethepeople sample

Post: Wethepeople Tripod 230mm

Tires: Schwalbe Big Street 2.30"

Rims: Animal RS

Front Hub: Wethepeople Supreme with prototype nylon hubguards

Rear Hub: Wethepeople Helix LSD with nylon hub guards

Pegs: Wethepeople Dill Pickle 4.5"

Felix switched it up this time, and is now riding Ed Zunda's signature AWAKE frame in 20.85". A lot of the team are riding Ed's frame now, many of them falling in love with the shorter 13" (slammed) chain stay, which makes the bike much more responsive for technical guys like Felix. Paired up with Pete Sawyer's Sterling fork and 9.5" 4pc bars, Felix likes his bikes short and tall with a healthy dose of Wethepeople and Animal parts.

It’s the best bike I’ve ever had, everything is perfect.
— Felix Prangenberg

Living a stone's throw from the Wethepeople office, Felix pops in from time to time so you'll notice a few samples on Felix bike which aren't actually available yet. Felix is running the new HILT XL grip, a longer 160mm version of our classic slim profile ribbed mushroom grip which the team has been running for a few year's now. This new longer version is perfect for those of you who prefer more rubber for today's wider bars.

You'll also spot a sample of Felix's signature seat which will also be dropping early 2017 along with his signature sprocket (not pictured).

Felix rides a WTP Supreme hub on the front and and a Helix Freecoaster on the rear, both with Nylon hub guards and laced to Animal RS rims. Pushing new-school teck riding into new territories, Felix has x4 Dillon Lloyd signature Dill Pickle pegs to keep him sliding no matter what he's grinding on.

Crank's aren't an area where you want anything going wrong. Luckily, we've been making cranks for almost 15 years, and our new Ed Zunda AWAKE cranks are our most advanced pair yet. Using an oversize 22mm spindle and a 2pc design, the AWAKE cranks benefit from the additional weight savings and extra strength that having the right arm welding to the spindle brings. Felix rides the shorter 170mm option to get some extra pop and plenty of heel clearance on the back peg.

The youngest guy on the PRO squad, Felix just turned 18 years old, and to celebrate kitted himself out with the ultimate road trip machine. Felix is going to be on the road driving his new rig all over Europe over the next few months, so expect to see see Felix and his van coming to a spot near you soon...

Keep up with Felix and his travels over on his Instagram @felix_prangenberg