Max Gaertig Bike Check

15 years since joining the team, it's fair to say Max Gaertig is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Max recently joined us in Barcelona to put in some work and film some bangers for our new video FOUNDATION which will be out later this year. In between scouting for more deadman setups, we took 5 mins to scope out Max's current rig. A lengthy 21.25" Cadence frame, steel pegs and his 25.4mm Madmax bar setup, Max's bike is built to withstand just about anything that comes it's way.


Frame: Wethepeople CADENCE 21.25"

Fork: Animal

Bar: Wethepeople Mad Max 9.5" 25.4mm

Stem: Wethepeople Hydra 25.4mm

Grips: Animal Edwin DeLaRosa

Headset: Saltplus

Cranks: Animal Akimbo 175mm

Sprocket: Animal V3 26t

Chain: eclat  4 Stroke halflink

Pedals: eclat AK pedals

Seat: Wethepeople Smuggler (original 3 year old sample)

Post: Wethepeople Socket

Tires: eclat Fireball 2.30"

Rims: eclat Bondi XL

Front Hub: eclat Pulse

Rear Hub: eclat Pulse 14mm female

Guards: eclat Servo 4140 prototype

Pegs: Animal LinOG 4.5"

Max is running Dan Foley's signature CADENCE frame in the longer 21.25" toptube option, paired up with some classic WTP parts that he just can't live without. The Supreme alloy barends use a 4mm hex and a wedge system to make sure they stay nice and tight in your bars, no matter how many times they hit the ground.

Being the sophisticated connoisseur that he is, Max has developed a special attachment for this original Smuggler seat prototype he found in the archives a few years back. Max is usually pretty hard on seats with all the tailwhip variations he does, however the beefed up construction on this seat is still running strong all these year's later.

I’m digging the extra length on the Cadence frame, perfect for tall dudes like me.
— Max Gaertig

Despite the additional length and height, Max's setup hasn't changed much in recent years. Max keeps it real with an eclat Pulse cassette hub and x2 4.5" steel Animal pegs and steel eclat Servo hubguards, because metal just sounds that much better when you're going mach 10 down a man sized handrail.

The 25.4mm system is as dependable as it gets. I never worry about my bars slipping or breaking.

The original Mad Max bars were released back in 2008, and quickly developed a reputation as one of the strongest bars on the market. This was largely due to them being the first multiple butted bar to use a thicker wall thickness at the stem clamp, and area where many bars at the time were cracking.

8 years later the Mad Max bar is still the go-to bar of riders around the world and many of the guys on the team. With the latest version, Max bumped the rise up to 9.5" tall, and is running the new 25.4mm option with a matching 25.4mm Hydra stem for the extra stiffness and strength that the larger diameter clamping tube gives you. Max was one of the first guys to test the 25.4mm concept, and now refuses to run anything else.

The 25.4mm Madmax Bar and Hydra stem are both available now worldwide. Look out for more from Max and the team as we continue filming for FOUNDATION.

If one dose of Max wasn't good enough, then we highly suggest you check out Max's ender section from our 2015 Mixtape LIT which we just uploaded onto our Youtube channel. Take note kids: this is how you ride a bike.