Inventory: The BUCK Bar

Dillon Lloyd's signature BUCK Bar is not just another handlebar in our lineup. From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted Dillon's bar to match his wild and unstoppable riding style, that has made him such an exciting and valued part of the PRO team.

We wanted the BUCK bar to become the benchmark of how a modern handlebar should look and function, and being one of the first handlebars in BMX to utilise the new OVERSIZE 25.4MM technology, it's easy to see why most of the team now swear by the BUCK.

The first thing on Dillon's mind when it came to designing his bar was obviously strength. The BUCK bar uses our own heat-treated M2 chromoly butted tube-set that uses a much thicker wall on the bends than your average bar. By varying the tubing thickness inside the bar, they become incredibly strong and resilient to the impacts and forces that can happen on big drops and crashes, whilst also saving weight in the areas where it's not needed.


When it came to dimensions, Dillon wanted to try something slightly taller than he was used to riding, but still wanted the option to cut them down so that they weren't any wider than what he has always ridden in the past. The BUCK Bar is 9.15" tall and 29" wide, however we made sure that the "box section" wasn't too big, that the bar looked out of proportion if it was cut down to Dillon's preferred width of 28". We also included easy-to-cut lines on the end of bars, helping you to trim your bars down to your preferred width that little bit easier.

A big thing for us this year is the introduction of the new OVERSIZE 25.4mm clamping system to our product line, and the BMX world. By using a larger diameter clamping area on the bar, it allowed us to create a stronger, STIFFER bar that a rider can have full confidence in without having to worry about it slipping or breaking. 

When it came to developing the 25.4mm technology, Dillon was the perfect test dummy, and was a big supporter of the new system very early into the project, so it made sense for his signature bar to be the first to utilise it. The BUCK bars are available in the NEW 25.4mm version for use with OVERSIZE 25.4mm stems (like our Hydra stem), but we also offer it in a standard 22.2mm version to fit the majority of stems on the market.

Dillon Lloyd signature BUCK Bar

MATERIAL: full liquid post heat-treated 4130 “M2“ crmo

TUBING: 7/8” multiple butted

RISE: 9.15"

WIDTH: 29"

BACKSWEEP: 11 degrees

UPSWEEP: 1.5 degrees

COLORS: gloss black, matt black, trans red

WEIGHT: 22.2mm 895g (31.5oz : 1.97lbs), 25.4mm 925g (32.48oz : 2.03lbs)

Dillon's signature BUCK bars are available now worldwide at your local Wethepeople dealer in 25.4mm and 22.2mm clamping options.