Inventory: The Arrow Grip


One of the more overlooked parts on your bike, the grips can make a big difference to how your bike feels and rides. The Arrow Grip was designed around the need for a simple mushroom style grip, but with a slimmer diameter than most, specifically for riders who prefer a closer feel to the bars.

We designed the Arrow grip to have a slimmer diameter, but we also wanted it to be the perfect "mid-size" length so that it would fit all kinds of setups. The 146mm size allows it to fit perfectly on both cut or uncut bars without looking too long or short. We kept the grip slim at the base to give your bars a slick look, and the smaller diameter micro-flange is designed to work perfectly as protection for your thumb with a brake lever, but thin enough not to get in the way if you catch the flange on a barspin. The flanges are also easily removable if that's not your thing.

The Arrow's slimmer diameter made it perfect for the smaller hands of younger riders, so we decided to offer it in a shorter 115mm version which you can find on our 12" and 16" complete bikes, as well available separately from your local WTP dealer. The little guys have never had it so good.

 Getting that perfect feeling rubber has become a form of Alchemy over the years. Grip material is something we've been heavily researching for quite some time now, and all that work has paid off since all of our grips now use our VEX compound rubber. VEX is a special compound that is not only softer than the regualr Kraton most brands use, but it's much more durable to every day wear, and lasts much longer over an extended period of time. By using the VEX material, the Arrow grip feels worn in from the very first session and stays feeling good for a long time after.

The Arrow grips are available now worldwide in Black or Dark Gum/Marble in 146mm and the shorter 115mm version for smaller hands in Black, Purple, Red and Blue.


VEX rubber compound




146mm x 28mm or 115mm x 28mm


slim 28mm diameter

incl. wethepeople nylon barends


146mm: black, dark gum/black marble

115mm: black, red, blue, purple