Drawing Board: The Volta

This year's Volta complete bike was a chance for us to create something really special and unique amongst the range. Inspired by our Patrol aftermarket line, for 2017 the Volta has been transformed into a high-end trail shredding, bowl roasting machine. It comes complete with Patrol geometry, chainstay brake mounts, and super-light Kolibri hubs from eclat.

With the Volta becoming such a special bike this year, we wanted to make sure every last detail was unique so while wanting to keep with the DIY/trails theme, we hit up artist and rider Victor Brousseaud and asked him to create some hand drawing stickers that would tie the bike together. We got in touch with Victor to find out a bit more about what went into designing these awesome stickers.

Tell us a bit about yourself? How did you get into illustrations and design?

I grew up in a fairly creative family. Whilst growing up I always used to see my parents drawing and doing artistic work. It was natural for me to be interested in this and follow it further as I got older. Whilst at school I used to fill the margins of my notebook with drawings and doodles, and I guess it just grew from there.

You’re a BMX rider too right?

Yes I've always more or less ridden my little bike. I'm a big fan of the simple things like table tops and going as high as possible. I really believe that riding is all about having fun and building friendships. That's BMX to me.

How did you end up working on the Volta?

It all started when I made a custom helmet for myself, with my own design painted on the shell. It went online and and made a little "buzz" in the BMX industry. Mike Frisk (product designer at Wethepeople) saw the helmet and got in touch to see if I was interested in working on a complete bike. As a rider it was a project that really excited me.

How do you start a project like this? Do you sketch ideas on to paper first?

To start I always need some art direction from the brand. Wethepeople came up with the idea of old tattoos inspired by sailors. After that, I began to sketch as many small ideas as possible down on paper. I tried to mix some old-school sailor tattoos with real tattoos that I had seen in the BMX world. For example, I drew a Mermaid on the fork with the word "dive". This is linked with the marine world but is also a reference to the "nose dive" in trail riding which is so f***ing stylish! 

The hard part was coming up with a design that fitted the specific measurements on the frame fork and bar, this is super important and actually quite hard to do with this kind of illustration.

How long did it take from start to finish?

I think it took me a week in total if I accumulate all the hours I spent. This includes all the inspiration, sketches, further drawings and then transferring the drawings onto the computer. For this process I take the sketch and draw it directly onto the tablet and then colour it digitally but still by hand. This is a long process but super important to keep the hand-drawn style that we wanted the final stickers to have.

What are your thoughts on the final bike?

Amazing, a true trails machine, my kinda of bike! Really excited to have been able to be a part of it.

The Volta is available now from Wethepeople dealers worldwide. Be sure to head to the Volta page to check the bike out in more detail.