Max Gaertig Bike Check & Interview

Wethepeople veteran and halfcab tailwhip connesuoir Max Gaertig has been killing it for Wethepeople for over 15 years now, and it's fair to say that he hasn't slowed down one bit (check his riding in Foundation if you need proof of this).

Max stopped by the office to freshen up his newly built BUCK setup and we decided to take a closer look at his latest ride laced with Animal parts.

Frame: Wethepeople BUCK 21.3" prototype

Fork: Wethepeople prototype

Bar: Wethepeople 25.4mm MADMAX bar 9.5"

Stem: Wethepeople 25.4mm Hydra Stem 26mm rise

Grips: Wethepeople Hilt XL

Barends: Animal Sewer Cap

Headset: Animal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo 175mm

Sprocket: Animal V4 28t

Chain: Animal Hoder Chain

Pedals: Eclat AK Pedal

Seat: Wethepeople Pivotal Sample

Post: Wethepeople Socket Pivotal

Tires: Animal MTT front, Animal T1 rear

Rims: Animal RS

Front Hub: Eclat Pulse (now Animal Javelin)

Rear Hub: Wethepeople Supreme Casstte hub with 12mm female system

Favorite part on your bike?

Stupid question, obviously my signature Wethepeople Madmax bars, closely followed by my Animal Akimbo cranks, those things are strong as hell.

Newest part?

I literally just put on a new rear wheel. It's a Wethepeople Supreme cassette hub laced to an Animal RS RIm.

Oldest part?

My Eclat AK Pedals, the spindles are 3-year-old prototypes. It's absurd that pedals last that long.

One part you couldn't live without?

Madmax bars in 25.4mm. The 25.4mm system is flawless, that shit is unbreakable. 

You're running a sample of the BUCK frame, hows it holding up?

The BUCK is amazing. Easily the best frame I've ridden since my Warriors frame. The 2018 version has a shorter rear end which helps make spins and whips much easier. Also, this thing is strong as hell, but being Dillon Lloyd's signature frame did you expect anything less?

How has your bike changed in the past 10 years?

Well my bars have got a lot taller (thank god), but my bike has got a bit longer in the front and shorter in the rear which makes it much more comfortable. Wethepeople just keeps making better bikes every year. I'd have to say that overall my bike is much lighter and way stronger than it was in the past. I get stoked every time i build a new bike because i know it's going to feel even better than the last.

Old guy alert. It's 2017 bro, why are you running metal pegs and cassette?

Simply because it's a setup for men. I've been riding the same setup since 2000 and I can't find any reason why I would change.

After seeing all the dirt on your bike it's apparent you've been hitting the trails a lot recently. What are your "Top 5" dirt jump tricks to send at the local?

  1.  1 foot euro
  2. T-bog or "TAGOBAN" (insert German accent)
  3. Nac Nac
  4. Kick out
  5. Superman seat grab
  6. BONUS, My new fav trick, 1ft double seat grab

Ok and to keep the classic Max G fans happy, what are your favorite 5 whip tricks?

  1. 180 hop whip
  2. Fakie smith halfcab whip
  3. Downside 180 hop whip
  4. Opposite downside 180 hop whip
  5. (Very hard but love them when I can do them) fullcab hop whip to fakie

Max has now succumbed to the pressures of the modern day and you can now follow him and his world travels via his Instagram page @maxgaertigbmx.