Introducing the Revolver Frame

Here's one we've been working on for a while now. Today we're stoked to give you your first look at our new Revolver frame which will be available later this year as part of the 2018 Wethepeople product line.  A frame that was created with the sole intention of shredding on any terrain. We used larger diameter rear tubing and an invest cast wishbone, to not only give the Revolver a strong and unique look but more importantly to strengthen and stiffen the whole frame up - giving it a stable yet responsive feel. Combined with our new 7.5mm thick invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners the Revolver is a deadly weapon capable of just about anything.

We caught up with Wethepople's very own product designer, part time ramp builder, and transition connoisseur Mikael Frisk, to find out more about a frame which he not only designed and developed, but also rides himself as his own personal steed.

So how did the original idea for the Revolver frame come about?

When it came to designing the 2018 product line, we knew we wanted to offer a new all-round frame, which would suit a lot of diffrent riding styles. I've always been mixing it up riding a lot of small tech stuff, small quarters, sub boxes and banks but also a fair bit of larger transition and jumps so when it came time to design a new all-round frame for WTP I had some ideas from the get go on how to make it work for everything.

By talking to a mixture of different kinds of riders from big ramp boosting skatepark and dirt riders like Paul Tholen and then completely on the other end of the spectrum technical street guys like Max Gaertig, we collected those initial ideas with the team's feedback to get a starting point for the new frame design.

What are some of the unique features of the Revolver frame that help separate it from the rest of the WTP range and other frames on the market?

I've personally always been a fan of super stiff frames and riders these days are pushing their frames to the limit. So when it came to designing the Revolver, a frame that is gonna be able to handle everything, I wanted to go the extra mile to make the backend and seat stay/seat tube junction extra stiff and strong. We achieved this by using larger OD seat stays than any other WTP frame and a slightly thicker top tube (by the seat tube area).

For the same reason we designed a new wishbone for the chainstays that adds stiffness and enable us to maximize the connection area to the BB and chainstays. Add a 7.5mm thick dropout and you have a seriously stiff back end. For me the stiff back end with the larger OD seat stays and new wishbone adds up to more control especially when going fast or riding transition. I felt the difference as soon as I hopped on the prototype.

Visually this frame looks quite different to the other frames we offer, for example the alloy seat clamp. Can you explain what these differences are and why the frame is designed the way it is?

As for the aesthetics we went for a classic look with a tall standover, straight tube seat stay bridge and an included alloy seat clamp. Mixed with the specially designed (for this frame) bottom bracket and (extra tall) head tube, the new investment casted dropouts (with integrated chain tensioners) and the newly designed wishbone it makes for a classic and clean looking frame that has that little extra in the details.

As a designer I'm always looking at the details as well as the big picture. For example me being tall (1.90/6'3'') I always use the maximum amount of spacers under my stem to add rise to the front end so for me to be able to slam my stem for that super clean look is very cool. I'm also super into the classic look of the alloy seat clamp and of course the wishbone that flows perfectly into the bottom bracket shape.

A: Top Tube:  20.75"/21"/21.25"

B: Chain Stay: 13.25"-13.75'' optimized for 13.25"-13.5''

C: Head Tube Angle: 74.85°

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5”

F: Stand Over Height: 9.1”

Riders these days are pushing their frames to the limit. So when it came to designing the Revolver, a frame that is gonna be able to handle everything, we wanted to go the extra mile.

Tell us about the geometry on the Revolver frame, it's pretty unique right?

As for all frames the geometry is probably the most important aspect to make any frame to feel like you intend it to. With the Revolver being designed to ride anything from big transitions to the local flatrail spot, we aimed to make it nimble yet stable. We achieved this by using a "medium short" 13.25'' (slammed) back end, a low bottom bracket height and a head tube angle slightly under 75 degrees. Together they make for a snappy wheelbase that's easy to through around but with a low center of gravity for a more stable feel when going big.

You've had the sample a couple of weeks now, how's it feeling?

I'm very picky when it comes to the feel of my bike and I can honestly say this is the best feeling frame (bike) I've ever had. The mix of the stiff backend and the geometry feels super stable at speed but it's still agile enough for all the nibbling and tech tricks I do. Yakob Swyer in the UK is also testing the other sample and he rides totally differently to me, yet is enjoying riding the frame just as much as I am. We have samples arriving very soon for guys on the PRO team like Paul Thoelen and Max Gaertig, both two very different riders, both riding the same frame which goes to show just how versatile the Revolver is.

I cant wait to see people shredding these when the Revolver frame is available from shops later this year!

The mix of the stiff backend and the geometry feels super stable at speed, but it’s still agile enough for all the nibbling and tech tricks.


Frame: WTP "Revolver" 21.25'' prototype

Fork: WTP Message 28mm offset

Bars: Eclat Dive 10''

Grips/Barends: Eclat Pulsar (cut about 10mm of each grip)

Stem: WTP Patrol (original sample), Titanium bolts (machined them down to fit the stem)

Headset: Eclat Cargo

Seat: Eclat OZ Pivotal Slim

Seatpost: WTP pivotal

Seatclamp: WTP Supreme

Bottom Bracket: Saltplus ECHO

Sprocket: WTP Patrol 28T (original sample)

Cranks: WTP Awake 175mm

Pedals: Eclat Seeker (always sticker on one side to know which side is grindside and which is up)

Front tire: Eclat Mirage Kevlar 2.35"

Front wheel: Eclat Raven / Eclat D.B spokes / Alloy nipples / Eclat Pulse / Titanium bolts

Rear Tire: Eclat Mirage Kevlar 2.25"

Rear wheel: Eclat Raven / Eclat D.B spokes / Alloy nipples / Eclat Pulse Cassette 9T / Alloy washers

Weight: 10kg / 22oz

The Revolver frame will be available later this year from your local WTP dealer in 20.75, 21" and 21.25" toptube options. Go hit up your local shop today and tell them to put your name down for one of the most badass all-round frames yet.